An organic, fair trade, committed line of clothes… When it makes sense to put something on!

Tee-shirts, sweaters, jackets and polo shirts made in organic cotton for everyone: funny ones, brainy folks, for those who are always cold, for lovebirds, crazy bike lovers, alter-environment-friendly geeks, those on the classical side, those who like it different, for grandmas, babies, travellers, your brother, your sister (feel free to go on with the list…)

For those who prefer women's cut
For those who want to dress like men
From 0 to 14 ans, babies, kids and teenagers
Without imagery, or almost blank, just a print
Good deals corner
Be free be different


Because ideas are made to be shared.

When you wear them,
you spread them!

“A good drawing is worth a long speech!”

Pen all our imagery


Because you may want to dress your difference while respecting the environment.



Because we can’t imagine ourselves printing committed imagery on clothes and not respecting those who make them.

Human rights should never be an option!

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We can also illustrate for you, accessories
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