You like to talk about Quat’rues!
Receive our thanks and 3€ in discount!

You already are a Quat’rues customer?
You have good taste indeed… and you’d like to share it with your friends?! Hurray!You can sponsor your friends by going to the "Sponsorship" heading on your customer account. You’ll then become a "sponsor" and they, your "sponsor parties".

Each sponsor party referred by you will receive a 3€ discount coupon to be used for their first order.
Every time one of your sponsored parties make their first orders and they get delivered, your sponsor account will be credited with a 3€ discount coupon

People can only be sponsored once. But, of course, they too can become sponsors.
Discount coupons can be used in every section of Quat’rues website.
People who already have a Quat’rues customer account cannot be sponsored.

The sponsor’s discount coupons can add up.


To dress your difference and not go around naked, you often think of Quat’rues? We really are thankful for that!

To thank you, we offer you to add loyalty points and thus get DISCOUNT COUPONS

When you buy clothes on the site, every order earns you points that add up.
You can then turn them into discount coupons.

5€ = 1 point
1 point = 0.25 discount (inclusive of all taxes)

For example: one 30€ tee-shirt bought = 6 points, that is to say 1.5€ euros to be deduced from your next order.

In the "Discount coupons" heading of your customer account, you can change all or part of your points into discount coupons to be used  on your next order on the online shop.